Hi, I am a software engineer from Izmir (Turkey). I have been working in a company that develops e-commerce sites by using Salesforce Commerce Cloud. I am a backend developer but learning the frontend technologies such as Vue.js recently and interested in free software philosophy. My PhD study in the machine learning field still continues.

Reading books (mostly science fiction) and riding a bicycle are things that make me very happy since my childhood. Nowadays, I try to finish the video games that are waiting in my Steam library for years. I met the Lindy Hop dance a few years ago and love dancing. I am also an amateur theatre player :)


Here are some projects I've worked on:

  • Salesforce Certified B2C Commerce Developer
    I have been working as a backend developer in the e-commerce projects in WittyCommerce (Epart of makina Group) company since 2016.
  • Area-priority-based Sensor Deployment Optimisation with Priority Estimation Using K-Means (IET Communications, 11(7):1082–1090, 2017)
    It's a paper which I worked on during my MSc studies. You can find it here.
If you want to contact me, please find me on Twitter or LinkedIn. I also have a Github account. If you have some advices about books contact me via Goodreads. My publications are available in Google Scholar.